Upon moving to a new state, I decided to start an apparel company called Misanthropy. I wanted to put my love of t-shirt design to good use and start making some t-shirts that clashed with society and made people question their existence more often. At the time, I was still warming up to coding so I instead leveraged my deisgn knowledge and fleshed out a pretty clean Squarespace site. Unfortunately, the company cost more than expected to get up and running and I quickly realized that my return on investment was going to be pretty low. I put the company and the website to rest after about a year.

Misanthropy Mockup
Shell Mockup

Most of my shirt ideas utilized common objects or symbols we see in everyday life. In each case, they've been tweaked slightly to challenge views on the subject. Attack Man pulls in the nostalgic Pacman logo, but shows Pacman instead as the planet, tying into the current global climate and natural disasters. Why-Fi shows a familiar wi-fi connection icon, but the access point is called nature and with the age of the computer, most people become disconnected from that.

Attack Man Mockup
Why-Fi Mockup
Attack Man Mockup

skills used:


Graphic Design

Using clean cut design and sleek typography, I was able to design a pretty solid business identity, web site, and line of t-shirts.


Web Design

Although I only used some light HTML code injection and some custom CSS, I did heavily customize the theme I used and even included all of my own photography and mockups.



All of these t-shirt designs needed to be thought out and sketched first. They would then be brought into Illustrator and vectorized for print.