logo work

I've been an avid fan of business identity and logo design since I started in Graphic Design. There is something so satisfying about hitting that Aha! moment with a client. It is the first impression most people will get of your business and a good logo can go a long way. I've worked on logos for businesses and friends, animated and static. I try to start with a bunch of sketches, then move on to having the client pick their top 3 favorites. These 3 then get refined in Illustrator and shown to the client one final time. Once a choice is made on the top pick, I do any last minute refining and either export it into a logo suite, or pull it into After Effects for animating.

Back Bin Logo & Animation


A good friend of mine started a new Youtube channel based on unearthing the more rare and unique comics. He wanted a logo and had an idea in mind, so I based the concept on his current imagery and fleshed out a flashy comic themed logo. Together, we decided on a smooth animation so he could use the logo at the beginning of his videos.


I recently had the honor of being asked to join Petite Victory Collective, a record label comprised of quite of few electronic musicians I know and look up to. Along with helping me promote my music, PVC has been an awesome outlet for my design work. Along with creating a new logo and identity for us, I've also been able to take over the magazine design and social media design for the group.

PVC Logo & Identity
Audible Void Animation


Audible Void is an awesome synthesist I met on Instagram. He already had a logo, but wanted me to make an animated version to use in his videos. Using his original logo as a starting point, I recreated Audible's logo in After Effects, added heavy vintage VHS effects, and animated it with some dynamic cameras.


I created this logo for a band I am a part of with my friend, Audible Void. My bandmate and I both love space and 80's music, so I wanted to pull in a bit of a black hole feel while using some retro typography. Once those were both locked in, I altered the type to feel like it was being warped at the edges of the singularity.

Void Castor Logo
Turismo Blu Logo


Turismo Blu is an awesome musician who I connected with through Instagram. He needed a logo and wanted it to relate to his namesake; luxury car brand, Maserati. He wanted the logo to feel like a glamorous raceway in the 70's. I used Maserati's traditional chrome badge as a reference.


Orion Prime is a newly formed band, including my friend and his brother. This logo was a full build for them. They wanted a spacey retro feeling logo and I wanted to incorporate a bit of whitespace play.

Orion Prime Logo
Cosmic Live Logo & Animation


Cosmic Music is a good friend of mine who has been building an online presence around his music. He wanted something clean and eye catching, but rich in depth and space themed. I created the static logo first and then built out a 3D representation in After Effects.


Night Danger is yet another awesome musician I met through Instagram. With a vapor wave sound to his music, I knew I wanted to involve some 80's flare. He also wanted to include a pair of his signature sunglasses, so I created a vector illustration using a photo for reference.

Night Danger Logo

skills used:


Graphic Design

Using all of the fundamentals of design, I try to incorporate current trends, typography pairing, negative space, and vibrant colors to create memorable logos.


UI Design

Lately, I have been building out logos in Photoshop or Illustrator and then pulling them directly into After Effects, where I can manipulate and animate each layer individually.



The first step of logo design involves ideation, or just raw sketches. This is absolutely my favorite part of the process, because I get to do a bunch of research around the client and get as many sketches down on the page as possible.