mgerhard yoga

Megan needed a strong eye catching site, so I decided we'd start by taking some photos of her in poses and work them into type lockups. I really like the way the letters looked as if they were balancing on her. We then incorporated each lockup into a page of the site. I used a balance of vibrant purples and cool grays.

After dropping in those eye catching lockups, I focused a super clean and calm site that primarily pulled users toward the Book Now/Contact Page. This would allow Megan a good click through rate and would get prospective clients to where they wanted to be.

Graphic Design

I created a business identity for Megan based on the ideals of Yoga. We worked together to make her logo, business cards, and eventually, I coded this site for her to use to expand her business.

Web Design

Utilizing HTML5, CSS3, and jQuery, I built a clean site that worked with a balance of image, color, and typography. Initial versions of the site involved svg's, but I decided that png's would be lighter weight in the end.

UI/UX Design

I utilized a lot of the same schools of thought for the interface of this site. Along with making it responsive and mobile friendly, I wanted it to work as seamlessly as possible. I included a page loader to keep the user's attention while the high res photos loaded. The site was also made using all UI friendly color hexes.